Dr Pascal Breil, National Research Institute of science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture, Irstea, France

Dr Pascal Breil carries out research since 1990 at IRSTEA, a French public research Institute devoted to Environmental Sciences and associated Technological developments. He got a PhD in civil engineering with a main competence in hydrological modeling. His research has focused on urban development consequences on flood risk and aquatic ecosystem functioning. He is now involved in researches based on the Eco-Hydrological principle, aiming at proposing sustainable strategies for balancing human activities with the aquatic ecosystem preservation, in the context of urban development.

His work is recognized through more than 40 international publications, contribution to book chapter, the organization of the Ecohydrology’2015 conference in Lyon (France) and his present position in the editorial board of the international journal “Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology”.